2006 - 2008

  •  I. Bogdanov, K. El Ganaoui, A. Kamp (2007) COMSOL 2D Simulations of Heavy Oil Recovery by Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage. Proceedings of the European COMSOL Conference 20071, 124-129. CA Upload file 
  • I.I. Bogdanov, K. El Ganaoui, A.M. Kamp (2008) Study of Electrical Heating Application for Heavy Oil Recovery. European COSMOL Conference 2008, November 4-6, Hannover, Germany. CA Upload file
  • Tony T. Freeman, Rick J. Chalaturnyk (UoA), Igor I. Bogdanov (2008) Fully Coupled Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical Modeling by COMSOL Multiphysics, with Applications in Reservoirs Geomechanical Characterization. Annual North American COMSOL Conference 2008, Boston, USA. CA Upload file