2015 - 2016

2015 - 2016

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  • I. Bogdanov, M. Mujica, S. Cambon, A. Brisset (2016) Heavy oil recovery via Combination of RadioFrequency heating with solvent Injection. Paper SPE-180709 presented at the SPE Canada Heavy-Oil Technical Conference, 22-23 of September, Calgary, Canada,.

  • A. Perez, M. Mujica, L. Amrani, A. Brisset (2016) Study of solvent mixtures for Canadian bitumen recovery during steam-solvent co-injection. Paper WHOC16-175 presented at the World Heavy Oil Congress, Calgary, Canada, 8 - 9 of September.

  • I. Bogdanov, A. Perez, M. Gadou (2016) Analysis of adaptive grid refinement in field scale simulations of hybryd heavy oil recovery. ECMOR XV European Conference on Mathematics in Oil Recovery, 30 Aug.- 1 Sep., Amsterdam, Netherlands.

  • I. Bogdanov (2016) Simulation of Solvent Injection in Assisted Heavy Oil Recovery. Technical CMG Symposium, 14-15 of June, Calgary, Canada.

  •  A. Pérez, M. Mujica, I. Bogdanov, J. Hy-Billiot, (2016) A methodological analysis of the mechanisms associated with steam/solvent co-injection processes by use of dynamic gridding. SPE Journal, SPE 169075-MS, May 2016. JP 
  • I. Bogdanov, F. Guerton, I. Bondino, (2015) Single and Two-Phase Flow: Pore-Scale Models and Applications, Annual Interpore International Conference & Meeting, May 2015, Padua, Italy. CP Upload file 
  • S. Cambon, I. Bogdanov, (2015) Development of COMSOL-based applications for heavy oil reservoir modelling, COMSOL European Conference 2015, Grenoble, France, October 2015. CA