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Research Projects

Research Projects

CHLOE is a R&D group based at the University of Pau (south-west of France), consisting of 6 specialists, a certain number of PhD students and trainees. CHLOE collaborates with other laboratories at the University and is sponsored by a large E&P company. The mission of the group is to improve significantly the understanding of geological storage of CO2, to study innovative oil recovery mechanisms and processes and to develop models to be implemented in reservoir simulators.


Themes developed within CHLOE

 Recovery Processes

  • Electromagnetic heating
  • In situ upgrading
  • Steam injection with additives
  • Improved water injection (Water, Alkali, Surfactant, Polymers)
  • Oil shale extraction


Modeling and Simulation Methods

  • Pore scale modeling
  • Reservoir simulation
  • Fluid characterization and thermodynamics
  • Code coupling