Research Projects

Research Projects

CHLOE is a scientific R&D platform based at the University of Pau (South-west of France) and legally housed within ADERA (a company specialized in the management of multi-partner research contracts for over 50 years). CHLOE collaborates with other laboratories at the University and is sponsored by a major Energies company, as part of the energy transition.


The missions of CHLOE are:

- to develop relevant tools and workflow for pore scale simulations (PNM…) to derive absolute and relative permeabilities,

- to significantly improve the understanding of the geological storage of CO2, or new fuels (like H2), derive relevant models and methodologies, evaluate coupled reservoir-geomechanics simulators, and assess industrial projects,

- to develop models to be implemented in reservoir and gas storage simulators,

- to assess underground energy production techniques.