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Research Projects

Research Projects

Heavy oil recovery is an important domain for most major oil companies, due to the decrease of conventional hydrocarbon resources.

CHLOE is mainly interested in extra-heavy oil, where the API degree is approximately lower than 14° and the viscosity superior to 1000cP. Due to its important viscosity, heavy oil recovery requires the application of particular technologies. Often these technologies consist in reducing the viscosity of oil, either by heating, either by mixing with solvents, or promoting in situ chemical reactions. Examples of recovery techniques are steam injection or solvent injection and in situ up-grading.

In order to size production installations, optimize the process, and plan oil production, companies use numerical reservoir simulation. Conventional tools and algorithms have been developed during the last fifty years. However, the performance of these tools is insufficient in a certain number of cases and in particular for the recovery of bitumen, heavy and extra-heavy oil. CHLOE develops new approaches for improving existing models and evaluating innovative processes.


Themes developed within CHLOE

 Recovery Processes

  • Electromagnetic heating
  • In situ upgrading
  • Steam injection with additives
  • Improved water injection (Water, Alkali, Surfactant, Polymers)
  • Oil shale extraction


Modeling and Simulation Methods

  • Pore scale modeling
  • Reservoir simulation
  • Fluid characterization and thermodynamics
  • Code coupling