As from September 2023

CHLOE is recruiting a Post-Doc on a position to simulate CO2 injection either into depleted geological gas reservoir, or saline aquifers. Research objectives include modeling and simulation of gas/brine/rock interactions and CO2/Reservoir fluids mixtures.
CHLOE is a scientific R&D platform based at the University of Pau (South-west of France, - -) and legally housed within ADERA (a company specialized in the management of multi-partner research contracts for over 40 years). CHLOE collaborates with other laboratories at the University and is sponsored by a major Energies company, as part of the energy transition.

The missions of CHLOE are:

- to develop relevant tools and workflow for pore scale simulations (PNM…) to derive absolute and relative permeabilities.
- to significantly improve the understanding of geological storage of CO2, or new fuels (including H2), derive relevant models and methodologies, evaluate coupled reservoir-geomechanics simulators, and assess industrial projects,
- to develop models to be implemented in reservoir and gas storage simulators,
- to assess underground energy production techniques.

Job description

The successful candidate will work in collaboration with a multidisciplinary team to better understand and model reactive fluids/rock interactions in a natural reservoir. You will be responsible of the following functions:

• Study all the identified physical phenomena and their consequences including multiphase thermal flow, water vaporization, salt deposition, hydrate formation, thermo- and hydro-mechanical effects.
• Perform tests of available industrial & research softwares and contribute to the definition of an efficient solution based on reservoir/gas storage simulator.
• Effectively and professionally communicate progress status and knowledge sharing with staff from CHLOE and from the Scientific and Technical Center of the sponsor.

Job requirements

As a candidate, you should possess an educational background in reservoir engineering or related disciplines including chemical engineering, physics or applied mathematics. Preferably PhD level with research focus on multiphase and thermodynamic flows, but candidates with relevant qualifications with about three years of research experience in a recognized institution will also be considered. Experience in fluid mechanics modelling methods, geochemical modeling and/or reactive flow is highly regarded. Proficiency in computational methods for multiphase flow is also desirable.

Professional proficiency in English and knowledge or the willingness to acquire the French language is appreciated.

You will join ADERA, which is a regional company facilitating the management of research projects.A European industry-level salary is part of the offered package.

The initial work period of 12 months can be extended to 18 months.

If interested, please apply with your CV to chloe-rh @