2009 - 2010

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Computational hydrocarbon laboratory for optimized energy efficiency
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2009 - 2010

  • I. Bogdanov and A.M. Kamp (2009) Analytical and numerical modeling of electric heating method for oil recovery. Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Approximation Methods and Numerical Modeling in Environment and Natural Resources (MAMERN09)1, 263-268. CA


  • I. Bogdanov, J.A. Torres, K. El Ganaoui and A.M. Kamp (2009) Feasibility of COMSOL coupling to reservoir simulator: electro-thermo-hydrodynamical model. European COMSOL Conference 2009, Milan, Italy. CA Télécharger le fichier


  • A. Lapene, L.M. Castanier, G. Debenest, M. Quintard, A.M. Kamp, B. Corre (2009) Effects of Steam on Heavy Oil Combustion. SPE Reservoir Evaluation & Engineering12 (4), August 2009, pp. 508-517. JP


  • A. Lapene, L.M. Castanier, G. Debenest, M. Quintard, A.M. Kamp, B. Corre (2009) Effects of Water on Kinetics of Wet In-Situ Combustion. SPE 121180-MS paper presented at the SPE Western Regional Meeting, March 24-26, San Jose, California. CA


  • J.A. Torres, I.Bogdanov, V. Dabir, A.M. Kamp (2010) Analysis of coupled and fully integrated models for low-frequency electrical heating assisted heavy oil recovery.   European Conference on Mathematics in Oil Recovery ECMOR-XII, September 6-9, Oxford, UK. CA Télécharger le fichier


  • H. Fadaei, M. Quintard, G. Debenest, G. Renard, A.M. Kamp (2010) How the In-Situ Combustion Process Works in a Fractured System: Two-Dimensional, Core and Block Scale Simulation. SPE Reservoir Evaluation & Engineering13 (1), February 2010, pp. 118-130. JP


  • Igor Bogdanov, Sylvain Jardel, Anis Turki, Arjan Kamp (2010) Pore-Scale Phase Field Model of Two-Phase Flow in Porous Medium. 4th European COMSOL Conference, November 11-19, Paris, France. CA Télécharger le fichier